project examples

The Opal Industrial Group, Inc.

tecumseh products

Tecumseh MI, USA

Industrial Development: 

Environmental Services, & Project Management  

Opal worked with representatives from the Consolidated Biscuit Company, and general contractors RJ Torching, and Site-Prep Corp. to abate this nearly one million square foot former Industrial Site.  Thousands of liner feet of RACM (regulated asbestos containing material) and tens of thousands of square foot of ACM floor tile was removed prior to demolition.   Opal’s project manager also work closely with owner’s representatives, and the city of Tecumseh to keep the project moving after several unexpected stoppages. 

slab casting Plant

Duisburg Germany, Cleveland USA, Raigarh India

Industrial Development: 

Assets Management & Project Management  

Acquired from Mittal Steel this 3 million ton continuous

slab caster was destined for the scrap yard until our

assets manager evaluated the 5000 ton plant,

warehoused in Duisburg Germany, and decided it

was worthy of marketing as a reengineered functioning asset.  An aggressive advertising campaign began in India, China, Latin America, and the Middle East.

When Opal entered the site in 2011 we quickly went to work removing the hundreds of linear feet of RACM, and other Hazardous Materials such as cleaning solvents, oils, mercury switches, ballast and bulbs.  Following Haz Mat removal Opal's
Demolition team began addressing the illicit dumping by removing over 6000 yards of C&D material to EPA approved Landfills in North East Ohio.  Phases 1 & 2 of demolition were completed in November of 2013 with the razing of aproxamately 500,000 plus square feet of blight unsafe buildings.

Working together with countless local contractors and partners, Rave Environmental, K&D Demolition, 7th Generation Development and Green Vission Materials, and our neighbors PERK Construction, Opal is moving forward with the redevelopement of this site.  With the final phase of demolition and ground breaking of our new recycling facility scheduled for the 4th quarter of this year. 

The Vandorn project

Cleveland OH, USA

Industrial Redevelopment:  

Demolition, Environmental Services, & Development  

After 3 successive owners abandoned this former Industrial Complex, and stripped it of valuable copper and machinery, it was left vacant for nearly a decade.  At one point a portion of the largest building collapsed into the street.  Leaving RACM (regulated asbestos containing material) blowing into the street from 2007 to 2011.  Just prior to the abandonment (and for several years thereafter) representatives of the previous owners illicitly used the site as a dumping ground for C&D material.   

When Jindal Steel & Power realized the plants potential, Opals assets team mobilize support from The US Commerce Dept, Berlin Embassy, Engineering by SMS-DEMAG Dusseldorf, as well as Rigging and Project management services provided by REBO Metallurgical Germany, Eisenhuth GmbH & Co., and DB Schenker.  

Over 5000 tons of machinery were piece marked and packaged for overseas shipping.  36 segments weighing 69 ton each, and a 1 bow support frame weighing 180 ton were transported in individual single picks. Transported by DB Schenker from Duisburg to Mumbai, and later to Raigarh India.

Since its re-commissioning, the Casting Plants have produce several million tons of steel employing hundreds of workers.  Another vital piece in Jindal’s assets lineup, making it the 4th largest group in India based on total assets and operating profit.