The Opal Industrial Group, Inc.

About us

For 3 generations and over 35 years, our family owned companies

have been involved in large scale Industrial Redevelopment, through

work in their fields of Assets Management, Environmental Services,

Demolition Services, and Recycling. 

The first in our industry, dedicated exclusively to work in the field of

surplus assets management, for several decades we have been at the vanguard of recycling, repurposing, and reuse

of former industrial assets, with both job growth and the environment as key motivators to our work. 

To date, it has been estimated that over 3,000 people are employed worldwide, who have produced or processed over 35 million tons of product, using assets salvaged, reengineered, repurposed, and reapplied by our two man brokerage team

and its international network. 

Initially founded at the request of one of the world’s largest integrated steel producers, our group now provides Industrial Services to a verity of industries beyond the metals sector.


Evolving with industry The Opal Industrial Group, is a streamline and cost effective operation dedicated to achieving large-scale environmentally conscious industrial redevelopment for our clients and partners worldwide…

Major Sales & Projects
Total Over $100 Million USD

3 mil. ton/yr Twin Slab Casting Plant, 54” 4-Stand Cold Reduction Mill, 49” Rolling Mill, 42” Skin Pass Mill, a Hot Sizing Pipe Mill, several Cut-to-Length and Slitting Lines, a large machine shop of aviation support equipment, and several thousand tons of prepared, recyclable material.

43” 10-Stand Hot Strip Mill. 122” Plate Mill. 30-38” Universal Plate Mill. 4-Strand Billet Continuous Caster. 45” x 90” Slabbing Mill. 60” and 90” 2-HI Single Stand Reversing Blooming Mills. 19” x 50” x 56” Reversing Cold Mill. 21” x 48” x 56” 4-HI Temper Mill. 28” x 56” Sheet Skin Pass Mill. 32” 2-HI Reversing Mill Line. 4 1/2” to 8 5/8” Seamless Pipe Mill. (8) various size ERW tube weld lines, processing & material handling equipment lines. (6) various size Bar & Rod Mills – some complete with furnaces, cooling beds, machine shop and water treatment. 80” Continuous Strip Pickler. 54” Continuous Strip Pickle Line. 37” Semi-Continuous Pickler. 14” Continuous Electro Galvanizing Line. (2) 110 ton EAF . (3) 200-Ton Vessel BOF Shop. (2) Magnethermic Core–type Induction Furnaces. Box and Stack Annealing Furnaces. (4) heavy fabricating and machine shops: equipment including heavy and light beam forming, punching, shearing, welding and machining. Several Hydrotesters, pipe threading, and rail finishing equipment, and dozens of power generators, EOT Cranes, cut to length, slitting and other processing equipment too numerous to mention.