Whether full scale or selective demolition, dismantling or overseas packaging; Opal is proficient at performing your scope of work in and around operating metals, power, and petrochemical (plants, mills, or lines). 

Opal and its partners are working to develop a municipal yard waste, and scrap recycling center at our Cleveland Ohio facility (formerly the Van Dorn Iron Works).  Opal’s future plans include the revival of a Great Lakes based Scrap Export business.

Recycling & metals trade

environmental services

Demolition Services

assets management 

Repurposed Wood From OUr Demo Projects go to good use...

Opal Environmental is a Streamline and cost effective, Native American owned Minority Business. 
Specializing in Asbestos Inspection, Abatement, & Pre-Demolition Hazardous Material Removal Services.

To date, it has been estimated that over 3,000
people are employed worldwide, who have produced or processed over 35 million tons of product, using assets salvaged, reengineered, repurposed, and reapplied
by our two man brokerage team and its international network.


"Opal is a unique company, who is able to succeed where others have tried but could not".

OmniTRAX Corp. USA



Put our CONSULTANTS and international network to work for you.

The Opal Industrial Group, Inc.

"In my opinion, the results that Opal reached clearly confirmed its management capabilities. In addition, it proved Opal's skills of negotiating contracts."

Schlumberger, Russia

Our professional staff includes three sales engineers, and multiple licensed environmental supervisors. We have the specialized expertise to handle large projects cost effectively.

"Opal devised a marketing strategy where they converted our rod mill into a merchant mill, thereby making the asset more marketable globally, greatly assisting me in my efforts to recapitalize this asset for my company." 

Charter Steel, USA

  • Assets Management
  • Appraisals & Consulting
  • Asbestos Inspections
  • Asbestos Abatement
  • Demolition & Rigging
  • Recycling & Metals Trade